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Which monsters should i build? | Summoners War Q&A 4 star : – allen – rina – iselia – iron – roger – lucien – konamiya – brownie magician [ water ] – magic knight [ water ] – neostone agent [ wind ] – barbaric king [ water ] Kasel the Rune Fencer | King's Raid Forum Kasel the Rune Fencer [IMG] Introduction Kasel is our first character when we start out our journey into King’s Raid. We also receive his UW for...

With Twohand Quicken or Frenzy and the addition of the Rune Knight's Asir Rune, Rune Knights are capable of reaching maxed out ASPD quite easily.

On 2,4,6 slot runes respectively, the base stats can be +% instead +flat stat… ex: a 2 slot rune can have +43% attack, instead of just +43 attack. The parenthesis indicate the suggested base stat for runes (2,4,6) in the suggested build. Summoners War – Runing for Desired Stats – The BigBearButt From that chart you can see that if you get a 6 star CRI Rate% rune, and level it up fully to +15, it will have +58% CRI Rate on it. Do the math. If base Crit is 15% and the slot 4 rune fully maxed is 58%, you’re at 73%. Even if you had two sets of Blade runes, that only gives you another 24% Crit, leaving you at 97%. So what do you do? Golem Luck : Advanced Runeology: Attack vs Crit Damage

May 25, 2015 ... Please take it with pinch of salt; I only want to emphasize on slot 2/4/6; I make this ... Blade (Critical Rate +12%) blade rune summoners war.

Summoners War: Runes, how to use Runes and Make the Most ... Rune 5 will always be flat rate HP Runes 2,4,6 can be either flat rate or % and several attributes can only be found for those slots, for example, speed, which is always a flat rate, can only be ... SUMMONERS WAR : The Secret 7th Rune Slot - YouTube

Any mons use for this Rune? I guess ahman, verde, or hwa... Hwa is only one i can think of using and can benefit from Destroy... Login or Sign Up Log in with; Search in titles only Search in General only. ... Who use for 6* Destroy slot 4 Crit Rate? 04-02-2017, 06:52 AM. Hi guys, need some idea.. Any mons use for this Rune?

For the rune slot 1, the option available is ATK. Rune Slot 2-ATK and ATK(%), DEF and DEF(%), HP and HP(%) Rune Slot 3-DEF. Rune Slot 4-ATK and ATK(%), DEF and DEF(%), HP and HP(%), Crit Rate(%) and Crit Dmg(%) Rune Slot 5-HP. Rune Slot 6- ATK and ATK(%), DEF and DEF(%), HP and HP(%), Resistance(%), Accuracy(%) Note: Rune Stats can also have innate stats located under the main stat. Water Ifrit (Theomars) - Summoners War Guide